Saying Yes

Yesterday my 13-year-old daughter asked me if she could paint their fort. Their fort is the space under our deck. Earlier this year they cleared the cobwebs and dirt and decided this space was the perfect place for a summer hide out. They bought plastic liner and green indoor/outdoor carpet with their own money. They also found the perfect string of lights to go with their decor.

Yesterday they started painting their fort. I said yes because they will use up the old paint we have in the garage. I said yes because I know it will keep them occupied. I said yes because it’s the space under the deck and no one will see it. I said yes because more painted wood is less food for carpenter bees. I said yes because I know that next summer my teen daughter will be too tall to fit in that space. She will be too grown up to play under there with the younger neighbor. And so I said yes because what better thing is there to do today in our new quarantine life?

These are the days of saying yes. Saying yes to starting school later and taking it easy in the mornings. Saying yes to playing four square down the street. Saying yes to Sonic runs and long walks. Yes…these are the days of saying yes because all the reasons to say no have fallen away.

I’ve said no for most of this year. No, I can’t do that right now. No, I have to grade. No, I have to work on my National Board Certification. No, I have work to do for my graduate class. No, I have to be at play rehearsal tonight.

But now I get to say yes, and that is very, very nice.

These are strange and historic times for all of us. We have more time with family and more time with ourselves. How has this time changed your perspective? Is it time for you to say yes? Have your reasons for not believing God fallen away? Has life slowed down enough for you to hear his voice and to see his hand at work? Will you say yes to him?

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